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Next Week’s Learning

In Topic:

Hook Day

I can locate countries and cities

I can identify the geographical features of a country

I can research a European country

In Maths:

I can apply number bonds to 1 million

I can choose the best method for solving different addition calculations

I can compare equations mentally

I can solve missing number problems 

This Week’s Learning

Sadly, we have finally come to the end of our Dark Ages Topic! We began the week by creating some fantastic role plays about Edward the Confessor and William of Normandy. All the children showed amazing confidence and were able to share lots of interesting facts about how the Viking rule came to an end.

We then began to plan and make Anglo-Saxon dwellings. We used a range of materials to build our dwellings and were able to create furniture that would have been in a real Anglo-Saxon home.

In Maths, we continued to work on column subtraction, as well as using decimal column subtraction. We were able to use lots of mathematical vocabulary to help support our explanations.

PE Kit

It is important that every child has the correct PE kit in school at all times. This consists of…

  • Green Avenue t-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Black plimsolls
  • Outdoor trainers (year 3-6)
  • Optional navy tracksuit for outdoor PE only

Children will have their PE kit checked in the first week back after half term. Please ensure full PE kit comes in on Tuesday 29th October.