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Next Week’s Learning

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In Topic:

I can edit and improve my explanation text.

I can explain simple animal life cycles.

I can order the different stages of a life cycle. (butterfly)

I can compare the life cycles of different animals.

I can explain how different types of animals reproduce and grow. I can identify how and if animals are dependent on their parents.

In Maths:

I can read the scale and the intervals for a cm ruler/m ruler and tape measures.

I can measure and convert between mm, cm, m.

I can convert m to km and vice versa.

I can solve problems based on the above (1 to 2 step).

I can solve problems based on the above (multi-step).

Next Week’s Learning

I can describe the main stages of a flowering plant
I can explain the life processes of a plant
I can read and identify features of an explanation text
I can plan an explanation text
I can write an explanation text

We are continuing to look at different percentages of amounts, using a variety of word problems and bar models.

Next Week’s Learning

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Next week we will be starting our new topic ‘Circle of Life’. Please bring in a baby photo of yourself.

In topic, we will be planting a seed and then writing instructions for how to do so. We will also be identifying the parts of a flowering plant through dissection of a daffodil.

In maths, we will be beginning our work on percentages:

I can understand a percentage means out of 100.

I can covert between fractions, decimals and percentages.

I can find percentages of amounts.

Spring 2, Week 1’s Learning

On the first week back we will be continuing with our Space topic. We will be researching, designing, building and evaluating rockets. Please bring in any resources that you think would be useful.

In maths we will be continuing our work on multiplying and dividing, with a focus on by 1000. We will also be completing some fraction assessments to check our understanding.

Thursday 27th February is International Mother Language Day so we will be completing activities linked to other languages during the day. Don’t forget to dress up in the national costume of your country of origin or wear the colours representing your home country’s flag.