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Language of the Month – Japanese

Hi Everyone, 
This week I wanted to share a type of cartoon drawing that is very popular in Japan. It is called Manga. Below you can see a small cartoon using Manga.
Below is a link to teach you how to draw Manga monster characters. There are lots of other Manga tutorial videos that you can follow online so have a look and see what you can find! I hope you have a great time drawing!

How to Draw a Cute Manga Monster – for BeginnersIf you want to draw cute manga or anime characters, you’ll want to learn how to draw adorable anime monsters. They’re easy to draw – beginners will be able to start drawing these loveable creatures right away by following the steps that I show in my video. And you can’t go wrong, because manga monsters are fantasy creatures – therefore, there’s …

Mrs Maddock

Celebrating Home Learning

Dylan enjoyed exploring different materials for the insulator and conductor experiments.
Paul completed the science experiment and shared his table of results, as well as described the properties of different materials. He also shared some examples of the maths work he has been working hard on.
Gyan has been busy sketching. He has enjoyed sketching a range of things, especially Pokemon characters!
Here are pictures of Balazs preparing “túrós rétes” aka strudel filled with curd cheese. It is a typical Hungarian and Austrian sweet pastry. He has also been studying German with his Grandpa over Skype 3 times a week and can now speak, sing and understand a little bit of German. Great work Balazs!
Jake enjoyed participating in the virtual sports day. Jake’s favourite event was the Target Throw as he used jumpers and a bin, for the furthest target, and he was so excited as he kept getting it in the bin.  Great effort Jake!
Frank enjoyed writing a story about a boy getting lost in a mysterious forest . Very descriptive and a great range of punctuation. Well written Frank!
Violette had fun writing a chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory about an extra child (Billy Bragger); who boasts about himself and eats loads of sweets with tonnes of sugar inside them. Well written Violette.
George started some of the virtual sports day activities and enjoyed making some obscure shapes to calculate the perimeter of. Well done George!
Eric wrote a story about a person who travels to a village and has to help them! He’s also been taking great care of the apple tree behind him. The apples are growing well.
Chloe wrote a chapter called ‘Everything is edible’ and the description is fantastic. She has used a range of expanded noun phrases and captured her audience with various fonts. Well done Chloe!
Dailin enjoyed making the rubber band cannon with his dad and hitting bottles. He also visited Beddington Park and caught 20 small fish. He released them at the end of the day but had a great time fishing for them.
Mayeda was proud of the chapter she wrote and typed up which she named ‘The Arrival’. Great use of speech and a great introduction to a story. You have left the reader wanting more, well done.

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things that you have been getting up to. I really enjoyed receiving all the messages and getting to see how hard you are continuing to work. Well done to you all!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! Mrs Nunn

Online Assembly from the Oak National Academy

Tomorrow, the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’. 

The assembly will be live on the Oak National Academy website at 11am on Thursday 18th June and can be accessed here:

Assemblies- Oak National AcademyMovement. After a break over half term we’re back with another assembly, thinking all about movement. We’re joined by Olympic Bronze medallist, three times World Champion and six times European Champion gymnast Beth Tweddle who will be sharing her journey into professional

More English as an Additional Language Activities

A while ago, we added some EAL support ideas to the blog which we hope you found useful.
Below are some additional websites that offer lots of exciting free resources, ideas and home learning packs for children with EAL.

We hope you find them useful!

Mrs Maddock and Mrs Sengupta