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Final Celebration of Home Learning

The time has come for the final post to celebrate all the amazing work you have been doing at home. We all recognise the determination, perseverance and resilience you have shown and thank you for pushing yourself to complete the academic year. It has not been an easy ride, but be proud of what you have achieved during this time.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer holiday. Although a different summer holiday than you are used to, make memories, go on adventures and take time to relax. I look forward to seeing you all in September when you will be in Year 6!

Mrs Nunn

Joe and Nina carried out the science experiments on reversible change by melting the homemade chocolate they made last week in water and putting it back into the fridge with their initials on. They also tested out the difference when sugar was mixed with water and soil. That looks like great fun!
Paul really enjoyed last week’s topic lessons and with his granddad’s help, he conducted all of the experiments.
Emily’s art work was inspired by another famous Russian artist Kazimir Malevich. She also practised her maths, English, French and Russian languages skills using various apps on her iPad. Emily is reading “Headless horseman” by Mayne Reid now and is really enjoying the book.
Violette shares a painting and some writing that she has been doing this week about the painter Howard Hodgkin. He is another painter that Violette is very interested in.
This week, Dailin completed the maths tasks and reading comprehension. He particularly enjoyed solving the Sudoku puzzle. He used different colours to mark the different steps.
Dailin’s tomato plant is growing sideways, so he put a bamboo stick to stabilise it. It is now flowering and he is hoping to have a tomato very soon!
Here are some photos of Dylan and his brother Brandon enjoying time in Czech and Dylan also tried more material experiments this week.

Celebrating Home Learning

Mayeda wrote her letter to Mrs Hunt about using more Fairtrade products in school. Great use of cause and effect conjunctions.
Dailin enjoyed participating in some of the virtual sports day with his friend at Overton Park. He completed the target throw and wall juggle at home and had fun throwing his teddy bear at cushions.
Dominic wrote his letter too. It is great how you included the things that Avenue have worked so hard to achieve and incorporate into our school such as the UNICEF rights of the child and the Wellbeing Award.
Inspired by William Morris, Dominic created this wonderful piece of art.
Dylan spent the week with his grandparents and his grandma taught him to crochet. Mrs Cook will be pleased to hear this as she loves crocheting!
Eric wanted to share some more of his drawings of different Power Rangers and other characters. You have used some great shading techniques, well done. He also wanted to share his lockdown hair before it gets cut next week. Goodbye hair!
Shreeya had a very creative week. She made an origami flower and baked a cake for her mum’s birthday. She made a stained glass window in a frame inspired by William Morris and designed an optical illusion on paper, which is made completely of straight lines.  Fantastic work!
Cameron enjoyed the Japanese activities from the language of the month post.
Lana worked hard on her persuasive letter to Mrs Hunt, and included both brackets and dashes. Well done.
Elizabeth wrote her persuasive letter too and included some great statistics to support her argument. Well done.
Joe and Nina had fun making and eating chocolate last week. They also researched and created their posters too. which they enjoyed. What great activities!
Nina enjoyed the Japanese drawing activity too.
Paul enjoyed the work on reflecting shapes and got 100% on the multiplication task. He also wrote about how chocolate is made for his Topic learning.
Hamish had a great week doing the virtual sports day, as well as writing his letter to Mrs Hunt and his chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory called Thin Tim. Great work Hamish.
Harshil made a table football game out of pegs, straws and a cardboard box, very creative. He also wrote to Mrs Hunt and included fantastic fronted adverbials. Well done.
Frank wrote his letter to Mrs Hunt to persuade her to use Fairtrade products in school and he included some excellent topic language, as well as lots of appropriate punctuation such as question marks, commas, colons and a dash. Great effort Frank.
Emily was greatly inspired by Picasso and she also tried to recreate Arhkip Kuindzhi “Moonlight night above Drienp river” famous Russian painting. Emily really enjoyed badminton this summer too.
George learned to use a sewing machine this week and helped his mum to sew a mask. Very cool! He enjoyed the transition activities this week and especially finding out who his new teacher is.
This week, Violette wrote a biography of David Bowie.
Dailin wrote his persuasive letter to Mrs Hunt. This week he also enjoyed a visit to Box hill, climbing the hills and catching tiny fish in the creek at the bottom of the hill.

Myself and Mrs Hunt have been overwhelmed by all the wonderful letters, that you wrote this week persuading the school to use Fairtrade products. We hope you have enjoyed this topic and have learned lots about what Fairtrade is and what we can all do to support it. Thank you as always for sending in lots of lovely work.

Next Friday will be the last Celebration of Home Learning blog, so please continue to send in anything that you get up to in the last week! Hope you enjoy the weekend sunshine.