Celebrating Home Learning

Wow, this half term has gone so quickly. Thank you again for all the lovely emails that have been sent to celebrate all the incredible things you are continuing to do at home.

Mubashir wrote a non-chronological report on Tudor housing, which you can download to read.

Poem written by Violette inspired by the pop song ‘Reasons to be cheerful’ by Ian Dury.
Emily completed her work on angles, whilst Paul interpreted the information on the graphs.
Emily also wrote some information about Tudor clothing, including a few diagrams.
Milan wrote his non-chronological report on Tudor housing too, analysing the features of this text type.
Paul identified and compared the features of two biographies.
George wrote about Tudor housing using bullet points to structure his information.
Joe and David drew images of Henry VIII, whilst Nina drew one of Henry’s wives – Jane Seymour. Great artwork from you all.
Emily also sketched Elizabeth and Mary in great detail.
Eloitt created a piece of art in the style of Kandinsky’s artwork with lots of angles. Very creative and fitting with your Maths learning!
When on his daily walk, Dailin found a tomato plant that someone was giving away for free and took it home. Eric practised playing his guitar in the sunshine.
Jake made a wordsearch which includes words from the Topic. Can you find the hidden words?

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with us. It has been a joy to look at and share all of your work! Wishing you all a great break this coming week, I will post another celebration post on Friday 5th June. Until then, please keep safe.

Mrs Nunn