French – Duolinguo

Dear parents, we would like to remind you of the website and the free application that children can use at home to keep in touch with the Target Language and improve their skills. Apart from Linguascope (username: avenueacad, NEW password: london1234) that children have used at home in the last four years to practise topics we covered in class there is one more application to help them take their learning a level up. The name of the application is Duolinguo and it is free to download in smart devices, laptop or desktop p.c.

With this application children can practise French at home through a variety of activities that includes all 4 language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing). The activities are simple from multiple choice to translating sentences from and to French, but most importantly the activities are tailored according to each child’s level. They can even practise interactive conversations on topics they choose to get familiar with speaking the target language in everyday situations.

Children can practise whenever they choose and the more they practise the faster they move up the levels. All they have to do (if they are using this application for the first time) is create an account on Duolinguo and they are ready to start! Hopefully they will enjoy it. Looking forward to hearing all about their practice at home in class!