Spring 2, Week 1’s Learning

On the first week back we will be continuing with our Space topic. We will be researching, designing, building and evaluating rockets. Please bring in any resources that you think would be useful.

In maths we will be continuing our work on multiplying and dividing, with a focus on by 1000. We will also be completing some fraction assessments to check our understanding.

Thursday 27th February is International Mother Language Day so we will be completing activities linked to other languages during the day. Don’t forget to dress up in the national costume of your country of origin or wear the colours representing your home country’s flag.

This Week’s Learning

We have had a busy final week and have enjoyed performing our Spectacular Space Show to the families who could make it.

We have also edited and performed our space themed poetry, some of which can be seen below.

In science, we have planned, conducted and evaluated an air resistance experiment to test which size bag would create the best parachute for an egg! We thought carefully about how to ensure our experiments were a fair test.

In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 with whole numbers and decimals, as well as revising how to round the the nearest whole number.

Health and Well-being

This half term we have been learning about mental health, self-esteem and resilience. This week the children put together some top tips for self-care and to show the importance of rest, time with family and friends and time spent on hobbies. Here are some examples:

Balazs 5M Self-Care!

Have you ever felt stressed and you didn’t know what to do? Then read on! Suggestions:

Why not try a new sport? You could love it! Sleep! When you sleep, it’s like you’ve been switched off. This is when your brain re-charges (but your brain doesn’t contain batteries). Watch some TV. You can relax and be absorbed into the TV world. Take part in a hobbie, that can also help. Do what you want! Make time for self-care! Laughter is the best medicine!

Leticia 5G – Self Care

Self-care means when you take care of yourself. It is important that take the time to do something you like, such as doing a sport or relaxing. This will get you to calm down and get your brain off doing something like work for a while.

Some ways to care for yourself are: Playing a sport, try laying back and reading or watching something on TV.

The benefits of this are big! It could include, less headaches, being calmer. If you don’t take time to look after yourself it can impact your mental health. Have a go at resting, and believe me, you will feel 100% better!

Nina and Daisy T 5B – Self Care

In health and well being we have been learning about self care. Self care is where you can relax, mentally as well as physically. Self care is very important.

You can do self care by: going for a walk, reading a book, drawing and spending time with friends and family. You also need lots of sleep and water. Music is a great way to calm down. If you decide to take a walk, you can see the wildlife that is around us.

Self care helps you to look after yourself and stay healthy.

Mateen and Daisy – 5D – Self Care

When you are stressed or angry or annoyed, you can use self care to help you.How do you use self care you may ask? Well, here are some self care things to do.

First off, you can play an instrument and just relax into it, or maybe hold a pet and cuddle them. You might also want to do some colouring, read a book or listen to some music. this lets your mind relax as it gets absorbed into the task. You can also do more physical things such as running to exercise yourself.