This Week’s Learning


This week in Topic, we have been gathering vocabulary about Boudicca, her Iceni tribe and the Romans. We also became newspaper reporters. We collected quotes from historical figures, we then planned and wrote our newspaper reports informing the world about the demise of Boudicca and her army.


In Maths this week, we continued to develop our understanding of fractions by using fraction frames and cuisenaire rods to recognise equivalent fractions.

French Learning

This half term in French, the children will be revising numbers up to 70, names of colours in both genders (masculine / feminine) as well as names of clothes. They will practise asking for more than one item of clothing in a shop (Plural form) and they will use colours in the correct gender (masculine / feminine) to describe clothes they want to buy / wear. They will also say sentences in French stating their likes and dislikes about clothes.