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Get Over £600 Worth Of Free Books For Our School

The Sun has teamed up with HarperCollins to provide primary schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland a free pack of 106 books, worth more than £600! All we have to do to earn these books is collect tokens printed in The Sun newspaper and The Sun on Sunday from Saturday November 23rd 2019 to Sunday January 18th 2020. To collect the total just 45 people need to collect tokens daily. At a school the size of Avenue, this should be something we can achieve!

Our Reading Champions will be collecting the tokens from classes over the course the challenge so please have them ready in school bags for collection.

Thank you in advance for your support and can I also take this opportunity to remind you that children should be reading at home daily and a comment should be made in their home, school liaison books. Please refer to the year group reading trails for books we suggest. Happy reading!

Next Week’s Learning

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In topic our objectives are:

I can research an artist and imitate their techniques.

I can sketch from my own observations (this will be completed on the trip).

I can create my own drawing of a building in London.

I can write a caption to describe my artwork.

We will be holding an art gallery to display our work on Thursday 5th December – more information to follow.

In maths our objective is:

I can use the written method of long multiplication to multiply 5 digit numbers by 2 digits.

This Week’s Learning

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In topic this week we have been busy writing our persuasive reports about a chosen European country. Why not ask your child why they would recommend a visit to their country of choice, and ask what persuasive features they used in their writing? We also researched the main religions followed in Europe and how the celebrations vary over the continent.

In maths, we have been learning about factors, multiples and prime numbers. The children should now be able to recall factors, multiples and primes to 100 and give definitions of each. We have also completed puzzles and maths problems linked to the three areas. To end the week, we have revised how to use short multiplication (multiplying 4 digits by 1 digit) ready for next week when we will be moving on to long multiplication (multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits).