This Week’s Learning…

In Topic this week, we have began to discover lots of interesting facts about the daily life of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. This included food, transport, clothes and what each family member would do each day.

Later on in the week, we looked further into the different groups of Anglo-Saxons and the reasons they left their homes to invade England. Using atlases, we were able to identify the different places that they chose to settle in England and discovered that many places were named by the Anglo Saxons.

In Maths, we have began to recap our place value knowledge and have been able to identify numbers in a variety of ways. We have also been using addition and subtraction columns to add together 4 and 5 digit numbers.

Aldi’s Kit for Schools

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We are delighted to be collecting stickers for Aldi’s Kit for Schools.

Aldi are kindly giving schools the opportunity to receive £20,000 for equipment which would have an enormous benefit to our children.

Can we make it to 300 stickers? Not without your help! For every £30 you spend in store, you can collect 1 sticker.

Please bring all stickers to Mr Baldock or Mrs Marsh (6B or 6M).

End of day pick up

Following some feedback at the parent forum, we would like to try a new pick up location for Year 5 pupils. From Monday 16th September, we will dismiss the children from within the school grounds along the drive way. Cars are not permitted to drive along the drive way during this time and the gates will remain closed so this will be perfectly safe. Therefore parents are asked to wait by the double driveway gates. We are happy for you to be on either side of the gates, just as long as the teacher or child can see you. We feel that this way should ease the congestion at the road side.

Please bear with us as we attempt this new system. Once we have had some time to trial this new pick up location we would appreciate your feedback. We will be reviewing this and potentially trial alternative locations at various points throughout the year depending on how successful it is.