This Week’s Learning

This week in topic we have been looking at the three different rock types: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.  To categorise these we looked at the properties of the rocks including the colour, weight and whether they have layers or not. Following this we looked at how the different types of rocks were made. This was interesting as we had never really thought about this before. Next we looked at how fossils are formed and how it takes millions of years for the process to happen. We then looked at Mary Anning and the part she played in discovering fossils on the ‘Jurassic Coast’. We then wrote a fact file all about her and her life. Finally, this week we looked at what soil is actually made up of. This week’s learning in topic has been really interesting and the children had so many questions!

In maths this week we have been looking at using the grid method for multiplication. This required us to use our previous knowledge of partitioning numbers and our times tables knowledge. We then moved on to short multiplication and looking at missing number problems. Finally we investigated a problem where we had to use our multiplication skills to make certain numbers. This was quite tricky but we all did really well!

Well done for another great week Year 3!

Year 3 team.