This Week’s Learning

This week in topic we continued to look at at amazing Egyptian gods and goddesses. To start with we planned and wrote character descriptions on one of four gods: Anubis, Atum, Isis or Seth. These are all very different gods and goddesses and therefore we had to think very carefully about how we described their personality and appearance, all while making sure that we used expanded noun phrases and stayed in past tense!

Later on in the week we started looking at how and why the ancient pyramids were built. This was very interesting as there was so much information for us to learn including that the pyramids are made of over two million limestone blocks and that deep within the pyramids hid the resting places of many pharaohs.

In maths this week we started looking at multiplication and division using arrays. We created a whole range of arrays using counters and other maths equipment.

We also looked at using repeated addition on a number line and the block method to help us with both multiplication and division. This was very difficult as we had to work out questions for both our four and eight times tables!

For example:

3 x 4 = 12

So, 12 divided by 3 is the same as 4.

Overall this week we have all worked really hard and the Year 3 teachers are looking forward to another great week!