This Week’s Learning

We have written our Greek myths this week!
We began by recapping the story of Theseus and The Minotaur to remind us of the structure of myths. From this, we were able to adapt the story to make it our own. Some us changed the characters whereas others adapted the whole story, we all thought very carefully about our language choices and have worked hard all year to up-level. Our teachers are incredibly impressed with our myths and the effort we have put into them!

Additionally, we became archaeologists and had to dig through sand to find the ancient Greek clues. We could then research each artefact closely to find out more!

In Maths, we have interpreted and presented data in pictograms, Carroll and Venn diagrams. This helped us to analyse the data and spot patterns. We were able to create our own questions to ask our partners to answer.

Health and Wellbeing

In Health and Wellbeing this half term, we have recapped the PANTS rule:
Scroll down to hear the song!

Conflict Resolution
It has been a challenge for some children to solve problems in the playground independently, however they have become confident to use the conflict resolution steps below to help them.

Step 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Step 2: Time out
Step 3: Mediator
Step 4: Solve it
Step 5: Tell an adult

Safe and unsafe secrets
As well as this, we have learnt the difference between safe and unsafe secrets. A safe secret is one that may bring joy to others, for example a surprise birthday party. However, an unsafe secret is something that may put others in danger and therefore we should tell an adult as soon as we hear the secret, even if the person who has shared the secret doesn’t want us to.

Equality and Diversity
Additionally, we have spoken about equality and diversity to remind us that we should celebrate difference. Differences between people help us to learn about others and everyone should be treated with respect regardless of their gender, culture, ethnicity or interests and opinions.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your contributions to the school fund this year. The money has helped us to fund both a Greek and Egyptian theatre workshop where the children were able to extend their subject knowledge which helped them in class during Topic lessons.

We really appreciate your contributions and support,

Thank you!

Year 3 Team

Day Trip to France – June 2018

On Saturday 16th June, 35 Year 3 children went on a day trip to Montreuil in France.

Children visited a traditional bakery where they had the opportunity to make their own croissants and baguettes. The bakers only spoke in French to the children and it was so impressive to see the children learning new vocabulary and conversing back in French!

The children also visited a chocolate factory and got to watch how chocolate is made from the very first step to how they decorate it. They then had the opportunity to use more of their French when buying chocolate from the factory shop.

It was a beautiful day that both children and teachers enjoyed very much. We were very impressed with the children’s level of French and their exemplary behaviour. Thank you very much to all the staff who gave their Saturday to accompany the children to France.

Mrs Petrakaki