Sports Relief

As part of our drive to maintain, promote and engage pupil interest in sport, we will be fundraising for Sports Relief as a whole school on Friday 23rd March. All children will participate in a range of physical activities to raise awareness and money to support the charity.
On this special day, your child can to come to school dressed in appropriate sports clothing for a sport that they do, for example karate uniform, dance t-shirt, football shirt. If your child does not participate in a sport outside of school then they can come in wearing active wear.
We invite you to make a donation of £1 for your child to wear their own sports top or active wear. This money will go towards the amazing work that Sports Relief does.

This week’s learning


This week during our English focus we have been looking at play scripts. We all had a chance to practice reading ‘in character’ and using the appropriate expression to convey the character correctly. We then looked at the layout of a play script and discussed the purpose of using play scripts.

Afterwards, working in pairs, we looked at a variety of play scripts with our learning partner and found the features to build our own success criteria.

Through our topic focus on science we were able to develop our skills and enthusiasm as young scientists. We participated in an academic conversation, using the correct technical language, to explain the difference between opaque, translucent and transparent objects. We spent time exploring the effects that opaque, translucent and transparent objects had on light, and we observed the different shadows and colours that were created when shining a light through the variety of objects. Some of the objects we used and found particularly interesting included glass prisms, tissue paper, and red cellophane, which created a red filter for our torches. We then created an information poster to explain how light travels through different materials.

During Mathematics this week we have been looking at converting analogue 12 hour time into 24 hour digital time. We compared different times of day and solved worded time problems as well as greater depth challenges comparing different units of time.