This Week’s Learning

What a busy week! In topic we have been very busy continuing our learning about healthy living. The week started with the children looking at the 5 important food groups that the body needs for growth, sustenance and to repair itself: protein; fruits and vegetables; fats and sugars; dairy and carbohydrates.  In the right proportions, the nutrients from these food groups help to provide us with a healthy, balanced diet. We became researchers and found out the main functions of each food group, as well as finding examples of foods in each group. This helped us later in the week to evaluate school meals and design our own healthy options. 

This was followed by us learning about the human skeleton and its main functions. We realised that without it, we would not be supported to stand, move or protect our vital organs. It was fun to learn the different bone names and how muscles and tendons hold our skeleton together and help it move efficiently with our joints. We then compared our skeleton to other animals and insects: we have an endoskeleton which supports the body from the inside, whereas some animals have an exoskeleton on the outside of their bodies for protection, while some animals have no skeleton at all.


Looking closely at stick insects who have exoskeletons was a fun activity! Then we worked in groups to create human skeletons and presented our learning about it functions in the human body.


In maths this week, we have been practising our 4 times tables  and looking at the relationships between the number facts e.g. 8 x 4 is double 4 x 4. We have also been reminding ourselves of the importance of place value when reading and partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers. We looked at different ways of partitioning and comparing numbers and practised writing and ordering  numbers with up to four digits.



Avenue Awards


Congratulations to the following children who received a Class Teacher certificate this week for showing their commitment to either the Avenue Values or the Rights Respecting goals.

6F  –  Sophia and Renee

6K – Nathan and Reyah

6N – Violette and Hamish

6R – George  and Paul